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3 Pounds Weight Aluminum Alloy Plate 12 Inches Width For Industrial

3 Pounds Weight Aluminum Alloy Plate 12 Inches Width For Industrial
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Material: Aluminium
Alloy Or Not: Is Alloy
Lead Time: 5-7days
Conductivity: High
Heat Resistance: High
Weight: 3 Pounds
Finish: Polished
Corrosion Resistance: Excellent
High Light:

3 pounds weight aluminum alloy plate


12 inches width aluminum alloy plate


flat aluminium plate for industrial

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Product Description

Product Description:

Aluminium Metal Plate

Aluminium metal plate is a type of metal plate that is made of pure aluminum or aluminum alloy. It is widely used in various industries, such as building and decoration, due to its numerous advantageous properties. The following is a detailed overview of this product.


The finish of this aluminium metal plate is polished, which gives it a smooth and shiny surface. This finish is achieved by buffing the surface of the plate until it becomes smooth and reflective. The polished finish not only adds aesthetic value to the product, but also provides a protective layer against corrosion.


The standard width of this aluminium metal plate is 12 inches. This makes it suitable for various applications, especially in building and decoration. However, custom widths can also be provided as per the client's requirements.


This aluminium metal plate is highly versatile and can be used in various applications. In the building industry, it is commonly used for roofing, wall cladding, and structural components. It is also popular in the decoration industry for making furniture, signage, and other decorative elements. Its lightweight and durable nature make it a preferred choice for these applications.


The weight of this aluminium metal plate is 3 pounds, which is significantly lighter than other metal plates. This makes it easier to handle and install, reducing labor and transportation costs. The lightweight nature also makes it a suitable option for applications where weight is a concern, such as in aerospace and automotive industries.

Surface Treatment

This aluminium metal plate can be treated according to the client's requirements. Some of the commonly used surface treatments include anodizing, powder coating, and painting. These treatments not only enhance the appearance of the plate but also provide additional protection against corrosion and wear.

Key Features
  • Pure Aluminum Plate: This product is made of pure aluminum, which makes it highly resistant to corrosion and provides excellent thermal and electrical conductivity.
  • Aluminum Alloy Plate: The option of using aluminum alloy makes this plate even stronger and durable, making it suitable for heavy-duty applications.
  • Aluminum Sheet Metal: This metal plate is available in sheet form, which can be easily cut, bent, and formed into various shapes and sizes, making it suitable for different applications.
  • Durable: Aluminium is known for its durability and strength, making this metal plate long-lasting and able to withstand harsh environmental conditions.
  • Lightweight: The lightweight nature of this plate makes it easy to handle and install, reducing labor and transportation costs.
  • Corrosion Resistance: Aluminium has a natural oxide layer that provides excellent corrosion resistance, making this metal plate suitable for outdoor applications.

In conclusion, Aluminium Metal Plate is a highly versatile and durable product that is suitable for various applications in the building and decoration industries. Its lightweight, corrosion resistance, and customizable surface treatment make it a preferred choice for many clients. Contact us today to get a quote for your specific requirements.



  • Product Name: Aluminium Metal Plate
  • Standard: GB/T3880, ASTM B209
  • Corrosion Resistance: Excellent
  • Heat Resistance: High
  • Weight: 3 Pounds
  • Length: 12 Inches
  • Prominent Features:
    • Metal Plate for Aluminium
    • High Purity Aluminum Plate
    • Aluminum Sheet Metal

Technical Parameters:

Property Value
Product Name Aluminium Metal Plate
Application Building, Decoration
Heat Resistance High
Width 12 Inches
Length 12 Inches
Sample Free
Lead Time 5-7 days
Standard GB/T3880 ASTM B209
Material Aluminium
Corrosion Resistance Excellent
Conductivity High
Key Features Aluminum Metal Sheet, Pure Aluminum Plate, High Purity Aluminum Plate


Aluminium Metal Plate for Various Applications

Aluminium metal plate, also known as aluminum sheet, is a flat piece of high purity aluminum alloy that is widely used in various industries. It is a versatile and lightweight material with excellent corrosion resistance and high strength-to-weight ratio. The following are some of the common applications and scenarios where aluminium metal plate can be used:

Aviation Industry

With its high strength and light weight, aluminium metal plate is a popular material in the aviation industry. It is used to manufacture various aircraft components, such as wings, fuselage, and engine parts. The polished finish of the plate also adds to the aesthetic appeal of the aircraft.

Construction Industry

In the construction industry, aluminium metal plate is used to make structural components, such as beams, columns, and facades. Its high heat resistance makes it suitable for use in buildings that are exposed to high temperatures, such as factories and warehouses.

Transportation Industry

Aluminium metal plate is also widely used in the transportation industry. It is used to make parts for cars, trucks, and trains due to its lightweight and durability. The non-toxic nature of the material also makes it suitable for use in food and beverage transportation.

Marine Industry

The corrosion resistance of aluminium metal plate makes it an ideal material for use in marine environments. It is used to make boat hulls, decks, and other structural components. The high purity of the plate also ensures that it can withstand the harsh saltwater environment without corroding.

Electronics Industry

In the electronics industry, aluminium metal plate is used to make components for electronic devices, such as smartphones, laptops, and televisions. Its high heat resistance and ability to dissipate heat make it an essential material for electronic products.

Energy Industry

Aluminium metal plate is also used in the energy industry, particularly in the production of solar panels. Its high reflectivity and durability make it a suitable material for use in solar panels, which require exposure to extreme weather conditions.


In conclusion, aluminium metal plate is a versatile material with a wide range of applications. Its high purity, polished finish, non-toxicity, surface treatment options, and heat resistance make it a popular choice in various industries. Whether it is used in aviation, construction, transportation, marine, electronics, or energy, aluminium metal plate offers excellent performance and reliability.

Alloy Or Not: Is Alloy

Finish: Polished

Non-Toxic: Yes

Surface Treatment: As Client's Requirements

Heat Resistance: High



Customization Service for Aluminium Metal Plate

Product Name: Aluminium Metal Plate
Sample: Free
Weight: 3 Pounds
Width: 12 Inches
Application: Building, Decoration
Standard: GB/T3880, ASTM B209

Our Aluminium Metal Plate is a high-quality product that is perfect for various applications in the building and decoration industries. With our customization service, you can create a product that meets your specific requirements and needs. Whether you need a certain weight or width, we can provide you with a personalized solution.

Our Aluminum Sheet Metal is made from pure aluminum, ensuring its durability and strength. It is a lightweight material that is easy to work with, making it suitable for a wide range of projects. With our customization service, you can specify the exact dimensions and thickness of the metal sheet, ensuring that it meets your exact specifications.

Our Aluminum Metal Sheet is produced according to the highest standards, including GB/T3880 and ASTM B209. This ensures that our product meets the industry's quality and safety requirements, giving you peace of mind when using it in your projects.

Take advantage of our customization service for Aluminium Metal Plate and create a product that is tailored to your needs. Contact us now to get started!


Packing and Shipping:

Packaging and Shipping for Aluminium Metal Plate

Our Aluminium Metal Plate is carefully packaged to ensure its safe delivery to our customers. We use high-quality packaging materials and sturdy boxes to protect the product from any damage during transportation.

The packaging process includes wrapping the metal plate in layers of protective material, such as bubble wrap and foam sheets, to prevent scratches and dents. The corners of the plate are also reinforced with additional padding for extra protection.

Once the plate is securely wrapped, it is placed in a sturdy cardboard box and sealed with adhesive tape. The box is then labeled with the product name, size, and quantity for easy identification.

Shipping Methods

We offer various shipping methods to meet the different needs of our customers. Our standard shipping option is through reliable courier services, which ensures timely and secure delivery of the product.

For customers who require urgent delivery, we also offer expedited shipping options at an additional cost. This includes overnight or express shipping, depending on the destination.

International shipping is also available for our Aluminium Metal Plate. We carefully package and label the product according to the specific requirements of the destination country to ensure smooth customs clearance.

For large orders, we also offer the option of shipping by sea or air freight, which may result in lower shipping costs. Our team will work closely with customers to determine the most efficient and cost-effective shipping method for their order.

Tracking and Delivery

As soon as the product is shipped, customers will receive a tracking number to monitor the delivery status of their order. Our team will also provide regular updates on the estimated delivery time and any delays that may occur.

Upon delivery, customers are advised to carefully inspect the package for any signs of damage. If there are any issues with the product, customers can contact our customer service team for assistance.

Thank you for choosing our Aluminium Metal Plate. We strive to provide high-quality products and reliable shipping services to ensure your satisfaction. If you have any further questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us.



  • Q: What is the material of Aluminium Metal Plate?
  • A: The material of Aluminium Metal Plate is, as the name suggests, aluminium metal.
  • Q: What are the dimensions of Aluminium Metal Plate?
  • A: The dimensions of Aluminium Metal Plate vary depending on the specific product, but can range from small to large sizes.
  • Q: Is Aluminium Metal Plate resistant to corrosion?
  • A: Yes, Aluminium Metal Plate is highly resistant to corrosion, making it a durable option for various applications.
  • Q: Can Aluminium Metal Plate be cut and shaped?
  • A: Yes, Aluminium Metal Plate can be easily cut and shaped using standard metalworking tools.
  • Q: What is the weight of Aluminium Metal Plate?
  • A: The weight of Aluminium Metal Plate can vary depending on the dimensions and thickness of the plate, but it is generally lightweight compared to other metal plates.
  • Q: Is Aluminium Metal Plate suitable for outdoor use?
  • A: Yes, Aluminium Metal Plate is commonly used for outdoor applications due to its corrosion resistance and durability.
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